If you would have asked me a few seasons ago whether I will start to love the colour yellow, a colour I haven’t really been fond of before, I would have probably laughed long and hard.

Photo by Michelle Äärlaht

But after seeing how gorgeous Beyoncé looked wearing the ruffled marigold Cavalli dress in the music video, Lemonade’s “Hold Up”, I started to slowly reconsider my feelings about yellow. I also noticed that yellow is starting to take over and dominating contents on inspirational platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest.

Outfit: Bershka

According to Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, yellow has become a game changer of Gen Z. The same way millennial reclaimed femininity with the colour pink, the youngsters of Gen Z are using yellow as it represents optimism, joy and hope. Yellow is the universal symbol for sunshine and warmth and it truly represents what the Gen Z are searching for,” a renewed hope for the future and the energy to engage in a purposeful way.”

Yellow has taken over pink, a trend that many designers have been showcasing for a few seasons and now, our favourite and affordable high street brands such as Zara, Mango and Bershka have picked up on this trend and are now offering a range of yellow in all of its shades and designs.

Many bloggers and influencers are styling their Spring/ Summer wardrobes in yellow’s different shades and palettes, which definitely can look absolutely stunning and trendy. On the other side, wearing all yellow might feel a bit overwhelming and a bit daunting – if you are sceptical about this trend and think you might end up looking like Peter from Family Guy when he wears his bird costume. Style yellow with the season’s other trend and must-haves Pastel, floral and natural colours are all good matching pieces. Why not use accessories like my yellow rainbow bag to rock this trend?

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