Hello 2014! So this is the first post for 2014. I must say that I can´t believe that year 2013 is already over, the year have went by so fast. The big happenings for 2013 have been that I chose in september to move to Borås from Lund to study a master degree in Fashion Management instead of moving to London, which was a very hard decision to make because I´m a big London fan and have been longing to move there (again) for some years. But I decided to give Borås a chance and that a higher education is always a better idea. London is not going to go anywhere :P The year 2013 have been bit challenging I must admit, I have lost some friends long the way, studied very hard, have failed and tried to stay positive and optimistic in difficult situations. But I really believe in the saying what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I´m not dead and I´m definitely stronger ;)  and I´m looking forward to this year and have decided to make sure that 2014 is going to be an awesome year.

Since I moved to Borås, I have meet wonderful people and started to collaborate with some of the design students at The Swedish School of Textile, such as Carolina Rönnberg that designed the dress Im wearing. Carolina Rönnberg grew up far from the fashion world, in a small town in the north of Sweden called Vilhelmina, a town people usually work in the forest, driving trucks and such as. Being fascinated in fashion and particularly haute couture, Rönnberg decided to move and follow her dream.

Rönnberg has won several design awards in Sweden, such as Show Up Fashion Award and Umeå Fashion Week AwardWilhja is her brand name , which is a wordplay of the word ”will” and the name of her hometown, Vilhelmina. Some pieces of Rönnberg´s latest collection can be found on Nelly.com (click here).

Click here  to see the whole collection!

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