This is what Lund is famous for!

Valborg weekend is here!

Valborg (english Walpurgis Night) is one of the biggest events in Lund and it´s all about partying and having a good time with friends. My Valborg will starts with a champagne breakfast 8 in the morning. Then it´s time for the traditional pick nick in Statsparken with some of my dearest friends. And yes, the rest of Lunds students will be there!! During Valborg, also called the last day in April, the whole Lund is like a big festival and people travels from all over Sweden, Denmark and Norway to be a part of this event.


Recently has the day before Valborg, called Kvalborg been a big thing in Lund. I guess it´s another reason for students to party.

Unfortunately I´m waiting for my new iPhone and can’t update pics directly from this year Valborg but here is some pics from my Valborg celebrations through the years.









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