For some weeks ago, I visited Alexander McQueen´s celebrated exhibition entitled “Savage Beauty” containing his most well known collections, from his MA graduation collection in 1992 to the unfinished collection AW2010.

I have been a big fan of McQueen´s work and always admired his ability to fully express his visions and translate them into beautiful and creative collections. Visiting Savage Beauty, was like entering McQueen´s head where I fully understood his mindset and imagination.

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 19.33.512015-03-29 13.12.24The exhibition was divided into different sections and every one of the rooms was separated by the different collections, McQueen’s spirit was captured in every one of them. As mentioned before, I have been a McQueen fan for a long time, but I underestimated the craftsmanship in every one of the collections. Closely seeing the details made me understand how much time and afford was put into the head pieces, jewelries and shoes, the Armadillo boots for instance (picture below). This shoes was shown in McQueen´s last presented collection before he passed away in February 2010. The collection was named “Plato´s Atlantis” and was a prediction of the future where the ice cap have melted and the sea level have rise. “Plato´s Atlantis” was an illustration of how the humankind would have to evolve to be able to live with the new circumstances. This collection is celebrated and famous to be McQueen´s greatest achievement.

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Another information I found fascinating was his knowledge and enthusiasm for history. He often used history as a source of inspiration. For instance, the collection “The Horn of Plenty” AW2009-10 was influenced by the nineteenth century and the Victorian Gothic. McQueen was a genius in combining contradiction and paradoxical contrasts and perfectly balance them together, life and death, modern and primitive, melancholy and beauty. This collection is an example of McQueen´s  ability to balance two paradoxical elements with each other and creative something extraordinary and absolutely outstanding.

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McQueen had been struggling with drug addiction and depression for many years. Life became unbearable when his mother passed away and shortly after, McQueen took his last breaths in 11th of February 2010.
McQueen was not only a designer, he was a true artist and he left a big hole in the fashion industry. He is one in billion and filling his place is nearly impossible.

22222Image| | McQueen and his Mother, Joyce

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 19.36.23Lee Alexander McQueen was born on 17th of March 1969 and was the son of a taxi driver and social science teacher. Growing up in the East-End in London, the young McQueen dropped out of school at  the age of 16 and started to work for the trailers Anderson & Sheppard on the famous Savile Row in Mayfair, London. The skills and knowledge about tailoring gave him a reputation in the fashion industry as an expert in creating flawless tailored collections. In 1990 he started an MA course at the prestigious fashion school, Central Saint Martins and already at his graduation collection in 1992 (inspired by stylist Isabella Blow) made McQueen one of UK´s up-coming designers.


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