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Yesterday I spend basically all my day in Malmö C. First me and my group had an interview with the owners of Raw food house (lovely couple), a restaurant in Malmö C. The paper that I’m working on at uni is about Raw food (also called Living Food), which means consumption of only organic vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds etc. Raw Foodists cooks their meal at the temperature of  43 C / 118 F – this means no canned food, and no pasteurized food. 
A lot of celeb like Uma Thurman and David Bowie has become Raw Foodists and it is said that eating Raw food maximize the beauty, health and give you more energy.

After searching and reading so much about Raw food, I´m really keen and curious to try out Raw Food. So me, my boyfriend and one of my roommates are going to eat Raw Food for some days and see if all the good things Raw Foodists is saying is truth. I will keep you guys updated!

After the interview, I meet up with one of my dearest and oldest friend, Lisa and we went to Lilla Torget and drank a couple of rosé. A perfect way to start the weekend is some wine and a good friend!!

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