L’isola del Cinema

L’isola del Cinema- RomeDuring my vacation in Rome, an open air film festival in the Tiber Island called L’isola del Cinema was organised. This film festival is only during the summer, from the 18th of June to the 30th of September .This event is not only about films, a lot of restaurants, bars and different…

Market in Rome

Via Sannio Market I´m a huge big fan of markets and there are lots of them in Rome. Usually the markets in Rome are open during sundays but Via Sannio Market is open weekdays 8-2 and Saturday 8-5.  Via Sannio Market, often called the American Market, is famous for its cheep vintage…


SHOPPING- ROME DAY3 The plans for yesterday was hunting vintage boutiques in central of Rome. We started searching for vintage stores and markets at the internet and we found that the area around Piazza Navona was home for some vintage boutiques. Here are three stores who has really unique and cool stuff.…

Romulus & Remus = ROME

Flavian Amphitheater Today we visited the Flavian Amphitheater, or the Colosseum as it is normally called.  The building is very beautiful and it was a wonderful felling to be in such a historical place. We didn’t know much about the history behind  the Colosseum so we decided to going a guided…


ROME DAY 1 I have had an amazing first day here in Rome. The weather is very summery and hot (sometimes too hot) and the hotel is very central and fresh. We got here during afternoon and have since only been doing touristy things. Here is some pics from today! Plazza…


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