Piano Canto – A Pezzi e Ferito

Piano Canto One of the sweetest persons I know, my dear friend Isabella Hagos and her band has made this beautiful cover of the song Bed of Roses from Guns N´Roses. Isabellas band is called Piano Canto and they remake pop music and rock classical to opera and they sing…

Dansa Pausa Dansa Pausa

  Panetoz- Dansa Pausa The best song right now is Dansa Pausa (English: Dans pause) and the name of the group is Panetoz. I found this clip on youtube, where all the members of the group enters one of Stockholm´s tube station, the blue line and start to sing their…

This is what Lund is famous for!

Valborg weekend is here! Valborg (english Walpurgis Night) is one of the biggest events in Lund and it´s all about partying and having a good time with friends. My Valborg will starts with a champagne breakfast 8 in the morning. Then it´s time for the traditional pick nick in Statsparken with…


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