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Summer is my absolute favourite season of the year – I just love to feel the warm wind against my skin and I get excited to finally have a picnic outside in the park or wear my bikini and jump into the ocean (especially now that I have overcome my fear of deep water). Most importantly during this magical season, I can finally wear my summer dresses, skirts and tops I have been investing in throughout the year.Let´s get honest here, I have to admit that I have an awful habit of buying cute summery items through the whole year, even during winter and autumn – I just can´t resist it. Nonetheless, I have difficulties to get rid of clothes because I get emotionally attached to them even though I no longer use most of them; I always have the idea in the back of my mind that the top I last used 2 years ago will soon be back in fashion again. Often this is a great approach as trends go in cycles – what was trendy once will soon come back again in the fashion scene again after a few years. Take the bohemian or also called the boho- chic trend for instance; during the 1960´s, the bohemian style was associated with “hippies” e.g. artists such as writers and musicians. They wore loose, colourful and patterned clothes, usually found at a second- hand/ charity shops. The inspiration behind their style had oriental elements such as robes with ethnic designs of India, China or Persia. Layer on layer, large accessories and mismatching are just a few significant ingredients in the bohemian look.

After a few centuries, the bohemian style made a comeback thanks to the actress Sienna Miller in 2004 and soon after, the boho-chic was back on the fashion scene again. I have a feeling that since then, the boho- chic spirit has a permanent place in the fashion industry and we can see elements of it every summer. The high- streets brands continuously introduce items inspired by the bohemian style such as floaty dresses with different patterns, embroidered tunics, suede skirts or leather jackets with fringes. One of the many reasons I love the bohemian style is its casual vibe, mismatching character and feminine elements. Following the hippie shopping behaviour, I found the skirt from a charity shop in East Dulwich during autumn last year. The suede boots I am wearing was found at a market in Copenhagen a few years ago and the sunglasses are so old from H&M but I often still wear them. To add some modernity into my version of the bohemian style, I choose a cut- out top from Bershka. As you might have noticed, I do collect beautiful items throughout the years, even though they are not on trend at the moment, hopefully, they soon will be. If not, collecting unique items gives you the opportunity to create your own distinctive style.
Top: Bershka (sold out –  similar here) | Skirt: found at a Second-hand store but from Stradivarius (similar here &  here )  | Boots: found at a market in Copenhagen (similar here) | Sunglasses: Old from H&M (similar here)


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