STYLE ICON-Anna Dello Russo

“Nothing success like excess!” 

– Anna Dello Russo


Anna Dello Russo (ADR) describes herself as a “passionate fashionista” and that is the best way to describe one of worlds biggest and most well known woman in the fashion industry. The Italian “fashion maniac” was born in Bari, south of Italy and after graduating in Italian Literature and Art History at the University of Bar, ADR start to working for magazines like Vogue Nippon, Condé Nast Italia and Vogie Italia. Today ADR works as the editor- at-large and creative consultant for Vogue Japan.

Why I adore ADR?

ADR is famous for taking looks straight from the latest runway to the streets and she´s never afraid to dress exactly as she feels like. I love how Anna plays around with different styles and at the age of 50, she has never looked more beautiful. I worship the combination of styles Anna dares to combine and guess what? She looks amazing in everything! One of my biggest dreams is to work side by side with this gorgeous lady.

It was hard to find favorites looks at Anna, but here is some of ADR´s inspiring outfits.




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