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For some weeks ago, I joined an organization called Marketplace Borås which focus on fashion, textile and designers. Marketplace Borås is the mind behind the prestigiousness design competition called Show Up Fashion Award, a competition for promising designers. The goal of the competition is to help independent and unestablished designers to step into the fashion industry. This is considered as an approach for the participants to gain more experience in the fashion industry and build a network that will help them in the future. The winner of this competition will receive a deal with offers worth 330 000 SEK.

During this event, I´m going to taking care of the social media and also take backstage pics. The fashion show is going to take place at the Textile Fashion Center in Borås and is open to the public at 12 o´clock, otherwise invitation only! Today I was backstage taking some pics and  have picked out some my favorites pieces of the competitors collections!

For more info, visit Show Up Fashion Award.


CIRCLES AND BORDERSJennifer-Blom-SS142-425x599


AWESOME THINSGAwesomeThings2-425x880



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