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Neon Fashion

This Spring/Summer is full with neon colors which I´m very excited about! I know what you think, neon can be hard to wear but I think you should wear neon with an attitude!!  It´s all about a balance in the outfit so either wear a lot of neon (pics below) or mix neon with other natural items. For the moment I have only bought neon nail polish and it goes great with a lots of outfits!
But saying that, I´m very doubtful if neon going to be trendy for long time. So maybe it´s not a good idea to spend a lot of money buying neon items. A great solution is to buy some spray color and some cheap necklaces, ring, earrings etc. at the nearest Secondhand Store. You can color spray the necklace and it will be like a new one. For tutorial and more inspiration, visit or look at the last pics.



 Neon Inspiration


The Cambridge Satchel Company Fluorescent Satchel, $170, available at J.Crew,
ASOS- Major Crepe and Leather Tassel Loafer- SALE  SEK 211.36
Neon Diamante Necklace SEK 299.00

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