Don´t you just hate when you accidentally drop your blusher on the floor and it breaks into thousand pieces!! It always happens when you are in a rush and you just want to do your makeup quickly and get on with your life. Basically every time I break my powder, blusher, eyeshadow or other powdery makeup products, it’s when I´m in the rush!! I always thought it was such a waste to throw the blusher out (especially if it’s an expensive one), but at the same time, I couldn’t use it anymore!! Really frustrating!


Today I was looking around in the great world of Internet and bumped into The Beauty Department (featuring Lauren Conrad), an amazing tutorial blog that mainly focuses on hair, makeup and nails. And they have figured out the solution to my problem. (Yeay!!) In 5 easy steps, they show you how to rescue your favorite blusher or other powdery makeup products. As soon as I read the post, I  knew I must share it.


 70% alcohol,Plastic Wrap, Spatula, Dropper, Synthetic eyeliner brush, Q-tip

 STEP 1| WRAP IT UP: Completely cover the compact with the plastic wrap and make sure it adheres tightly to contain everything.

STEP 2| MASH IT UP: With your spatula, crush up the entire pan of shadow, not just the broken pieces. You essentially are turning the pressed powder back into loose powder.

STEP 3| ADD ALCOHOL: Remove the wrap and add at least 10 droppers full of alcohol. You can add a few droppers full at a time to see how much you need. I used a dozen.

STEP 4| SMOOTH IT OVER: Now you’ll feel the powder has become sponge-like and very pliable, giving you the perfect opportunity to even it out smoothly with your spatula.

STEP 5| PERFECT THE EDGES: Use your eyeliner brush to smooth it out even further. Give it a few hours to completely dry and it’s like it never happened! To make it extra pretty, clean up the perimeter with a Q-tip.


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