Romulus & Remus = ROME

Flavian Amphitheater

Today we visited the Flavian Amphitheater, or the Colosseum as it is normally called.  The building is very beautiful and it was a wonderful felling to be in such a historical place. We didn’t know much about the history behind  the Colosseum so we decided to going a guided tour. The weather was really hot today, approx 35 degrees in the sun so I´m very  tired right now.You see, during summer the weather in Sweden is not that hot so I´m not used to 35 degrees. I was about to jump into the river nearby due to the heat. All the water and ice cream in the world would not cool me down. So I´m very happy to be back in the hotel.

At the moment Karl is taking a nap and soon we gonna go for dinner and later on to a film festival in Tiber island. The island is very small and lots of bars around the river have opened just for this event. The nights here in Rome are amazing. More pics tonight or tomorrow, depends on when I´m coming back.

Kisses from Rome


The Colosseum- WOW!!

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