This is what Lund is famous for!

Valborg weekend is here! Valborg (english Walpurgis Night) is one of the biggest events in Lund and it´s all about partying and having a good time with friends. My Valborg will starts with a champagne breakfast 8 in the morning. Then it´s time for the traditional pick nick in Statsparken with…
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Say hello to my little friends!

It´s amazing to treat yourself. Your worth it! This is a present for my, by my! What’s yours treat to yourself? Now its time for more shopping and coffee with my dear friend Charlotte. Hope all of you are having a great day! xxx Tara   I find this on…
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Lorry Newhouse

Lorry Newhouse New York based designer Lorry Newhouse is the next big name in the fashion industry. Originally Lorry has an MA in film from Yale. But she could´t resist her passion and interest in fabrics and textile and decided to work in the fashion industry. Lorry´s inspiration comes mainly…
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Trend report: Studded Fashion

Studded Trench Coat- Burberry Studded cloths are so cool. You can rock on with a studded coat and at the same time  feel very chic.  I re-discover Burberry Spring/Summer Collection 2012 and I’m falling in love with Burberry ´s trench Coat. Are you loving Burberry´s Studded coat to?? I can’t…
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ONE OF MY FAVORITE BLOGGER I love Do-It- Yourself fashion and to re-design and re-make cloths and accessorize. Recently I found Geneva and her very inspirational blog is all about re-creating old cloths and accessorize and make them fashionable and trendy.  Geneva´s blog, A Pair and a Spare,  is an DIY…
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