My summer plans

We wait and wait and we wait a bit longer and before we know it, the most sought-after season has passed us by. I belong to the group of people called sun worshippers who absolutely love the summer and literally spend the rest of the year longing for this beloved season. When the Christmas holidays and New Year celebrations have come and gone, I am constantly looking for signs of the spring and impatiently waiting to hear the birds sweetly tweet, flowers to begin to bloom and the heat of the sunshine warm my face. I normally spend the autumn and winter season daydreaming about travelling to exciting destinations and going to the beach, sunbathing and snorkelling with the fishes, wearing cute dresses and eating delicious dinners in restaurants with outdoor seating. Unconsciously over-planning what to do during the summer is something I always do; this was literally my list for summer activities for the year:

  • Plan a get a getaway weekend and discover new parts of UK.
  • Surprise my partner with a weekend somewhere in the British countryside
  • Explore the unseen parts of London, perhaps be brave and step out of my comfort zone by travelling to zone 4 or 5?
  • Travel somewhere in Europe, perhaps Budapest, Mallorca or Madrid (perhaps travel to all of those three places? Woohoo)
  • Plan a trip to the South of France.
  • Plan a detox week in Cornwall enjoying the British seaside.
  • Spend time with my family in Sweden at the same time as planning a road trip – why not drive to Gothenburg and Stockholm to visit my friends?
  • Why not stopping by Norway during our road trip (!) and see the beautiful nature everyone is talking about.
  • Travel to Copenhagen
  • Plan weekly dinner plans and drinks with my friends, as London is so pretty during the summer and I NEED TO SPEND EVERY WAKING HOUR OUTSIDE!

As you might have noticed, my plans for the summer is quite long and perhaps a bit unrealistic, especially when I work full time and I have to be shackled to my desk from Monday to Friday. What I actually managed to achieve this summer :

  • Weekend visits to Norway.
  • A Bank holiday weekend in Sweden and a day trip to Copenhagen
  • A weekend in Cornwall

Now with autumn slowly approaching, I only managed to accomplished only 1/ 5 of all my summer plans. As you might have noticed I always tend to over plan what to do during the summer but never really manage to strike many plans from the list. But unfortunately for me, I never learn as I have already begun planning for next summer and the countdown has already started to go until summer 2018.  Its only 269 days, 13 hours 44 minutes and 48 seconds left to next summer –   I cannot wait.Dress: H&M find (similar here & here)| Hat: Bought at Spitafield market (find similar here & here) | Shoes:  House Of Spring


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