I adore Christmas and basically everything that comes with it. And its kind of weird that I like Christmas and the Christmas sprite so much, especially when my family don´t celebrate it like Swedish ppl does.

Immigrating at a young age from another country, with a whole different culture and traditions, has it benefits. For instance, I celebrate two New Years (and Christmas), the Christian ones during winter and the Iranian one during the spring. This means that I get two presents and more celebrations to look forward too. Yeayy!! But the negative part of combining two cultures is that you don´t really celebrate hem properly and you don´t go “all in”. I am the only one in my family loving Christmas and wanting to celebrate it, but this doesn’t mean that we eat the traditional Swedish Christmas dinner. In some way (don´t ask me why), my Mom and I have created our own Christmas tradition, meaning that every Christmas Eve, we cook food from different parts of the world. This year we decided to go Mexican and made a Tacos similar dish and chocolate pudding for dessert. Delicious as hell!!!

I hope you all have had a wonderful day with your love ones. I have collected some pics that explains my love for Christmas. Hope you guys will like it!!


A Very full Tara.


I found this really funny app called Jul Foto (translate Christmas Pic) there you can add christmas stickers to pics. Amazing!! Here is some pics of my dad, mum and me.

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