“A story to me means a plot where there is some surprise. Because that is how life is – full of surprises.”

-Isaac Bashevis Singer

Our last day in Pescara, we decided to take the bus to a little historical village called Citta Sant´Angelo. While waiting for the bus, Karl went to a gas station nearby to buy water when an Italian-Irish man called  Carl Smyth started to talk to him. Just a few lines were exchanged before Karl joined me at the bus stop.  Carl (the Italian- Irish man) is a collector of Volkswagen and was repairing one of his cars from the 60´s while we waited for the bus. After waiting for 15 minutes and no bus was arriving, Karl went to talk to Carl and asked for his opinion about the village Citta Sant Angelo and if the journey was worth going. While chatting with Carl for a while, he invites us to another, better (Carls word), village called Loreto Aprutoni where his vineyard and olive farm is located. Loreto is a wonderful medieval town located at a hill about 20 km from the coast, in the Abruzzo region of Italy. Carl thinks that Abruzzo is the new Toscany and now I can see why. In this region you can swim and sunbath only three hours away from skiing resorts and the villages along the road are very genuine and “Italian”-like. Carl dropped us of in Loreto and we walked around  in this small village for an hour and the Carl picked us up again and took us to his vineyard where we also met his wife. Carl barbecue and while waiting for the dinner, we drank German beer and I got a glass of his home made wine (amazing) and talked all night long. Later on Carl gave us a lift home in his Volkswagen from the 60´s.

Sometimes, life is strange and you never know who you will meet and what you will do. I had almost forget the kindness and hospitality a stranger can give to another and Carl Smyth and his wife showed and remind me of this, and I´m deeply grateful to have meet him. Some days you will remember forever, and this day was one of them.

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