L’isola del Cinema

L’isola del Cinema- RomeDuring my vacation in Rome, an open air film festival in the Tiber Island called L’isola del Cinema was organised. This film festival is only during the summer, from the 18th of June to the 30th of September .This event is not only about films, a lot of restaurants, bars and different stands are being build around the River Tiber to attract more visitors.The restaurants during this event is a mixture of different cultures and countries, you can eat italian, arabic or english, the choice is yours! The atmosphere is amazing, specially during evenings where a lot of people gather to eat and music is played at the different restaurants /bars. This open air film festival attracts lots of people, from young to old , tourists and of course locals and the entrance is mostly  for free. Why not eat italian for dinner, smoke shisha afterwards and drink english beer at the same place.



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