It has been such a long time ago I updated my blog – life and everything else in between has got in the way and distracted me from actually writing a blog post.

I thought it is time to pick up my blogging and there is no better way to do so by giving you all a quick life update and what I am currently up to.

New Flat

My partner and I have become “grownups” and finally decided to buy our first flat together. It’s located in Peckham Rye, which is South East of London (Zone 2) and I must say I absolutely love living here. The area is full of life and packed with cool and trendy clubs and rooftop bars such as Franks and Bussey Building, superb restaurants (favourites are Mr Bao, Begging Bowl and Miss Tapas), lots of coffee shops and flea markets during weekends. If you ever want to explore other nearby areas, Dulwich area is about 10 minutes walking distance and it takes about 30 minutes’ walk to cosy Dulwich Village (which I absolutely love and spotted Florence Welch, the singer of Florence and the Machine, there last summer).

It has been both fun and quite stressful to decorate the flat as my partner and I have very different taste and decoration style. As he’s an architect (if you know any architect, you know what I mean) he obviously worships grey shades, clean white walls and the Scandinavian interior style. I, on the other hand, love to snap up second-hand retro furniture at markets, colours and patterns. Let’s not even go into the drama filled trips to IKEA and installing IKEA furniture together, which in itself, is the ultimate relationship tester.

Decorating the flat has definitely been all about compromising and combining our styles but I love how the flat looks so far. Some of the rooms still need some love and attention (like the bathroom) but so far, we love the space we’ve created together.



After working part-time and some freelance work within Social media, I decided to go full time and now working at the London based makeup brand called Code8 as their Social Media and Content Manager. I absolutely love Code8’s products (my makeup bag is full of Code8 makeup) and also the team I get to work with every day.
My job is very creative as I work with content, so I have to be up to date with trends and develop new and interesting content across all the social media platforms. I also find it very stimulating as I constantly learn new skills such as video editing.

But most importantly, my job is so much fun. We are involved in quite a few events and we were the official makeup sponsor for London Fashion Week and worked with brands such as Lanvin, David Koma, Emilia Wickstead, MM6 and 16Arlington. It was so much fun being backstage again, I absolutely love the energy and atmosphere at fashion shows. I also have to attend different kinds of events to capture those Instagram worthy moments. Follow Code8’s Instagram account, Facebook and Youtube for the latest updates


Recently, I have had the privilege to work with so many amazing brands this year, such as GANT, Crocs, White Stuff, Kinranden, EMU Australia and Dyson. Mainly, I’ve been working on styling tips and creating content for brands – which I’ve absolutely loved.  As a content creator and blogger, I believe it is so important to support local and international brands and its products that you really adore. Besides working with a series of brands, together with my photographer Michelle, we’ve also created some shots that I am so proud of. I hope you guys like them as much as I do.

I hope you enjoyed this brief life-update! I will try to write more frequently from now on.

Cheers for now,



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