I´m so proud to wear this awesome dress and leather coat from my former classmate´s brand, i & KK, a brand that is not only classy but also sustainable. People often assume that environmental friendly, sustainable or  “green” fashion brands are boring and unfashionable, something that in reality is not correct. During the last few years the majority of fashion labels, from luxury brands as Burberry to fast fashion companies as H&M, have focused more and more on becoming more sustainable and gentle to the environmental. I’m delighted to see that the fashion industry is taking environmental issues serious.

All of i & KK´s products are made in Finland and every manufacture process is controlled by Krista to ensure the hight quality of the garments. Recently, you can also customise your products at i & KK, click here for more info.

4longdress_Fotor_Collage8longdress2longdress_Fotor_Collage2longdressLeather Coat & Dress: i & KK

“ i & KK doesn’t believe in throwaway culture or mass production of products. We believe in products timelessness, making them with love and the idea that the more meaningful the products are for their owners, the longer products life cycles are.”

– Krista Korkiakoski, Founder of  i & KK


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