Finally started to feel better after a major cold (and able to breath again), I have discovered that Spring has sprung in the streets of London. Not only are days actually getting longer (yeah!) with more sunshine (hurray!), the air actually smells sweet, floral and ‘springy’ in general. I also noticed people are more positive and energetic; some have even started to smile at me on the street, (- No, I checked and didn’t have anything weird on my face!).

Warmer days are here at last, and even though we know that consistent sunshine maybe months away, for now; ‘hurray for the spring!!’ Besides seeing random smiling people more than usual, the beginning of spring also means SPRING TREND. I have made a list of 10 HOT TRENDS to follow this Spring.

1. Boho-chicaks9656I´m so into the Bohemian trend right now. I just love everything about it, from the loose cuts and beautiful textures to the warm colours.

 2. Trouser Suitaks3662From Céline to Chanel, its all about the new trouser suits and they looks so chic!!

3. Ginghammbfw-almaty-street-style-fall-2014-8-2Every time I see gingham I think about hot summer nights in the Swedish countryside. But this season gingham has moved away from the Scandinavian countryside to the city and it´s hotter than ever.

4. Suedeaks7847Suede is one of the key Trends for Spring 2015 and goes great with the 7o´s inspired Trend dominating right now. Also, suede is great for early spring when the weather is still a bit chilly.

5. Bridal Inspiredmbfw-almaty-street-style-fall-2014-7Even though you may not invited to any weddings this spring, you can still embrace the wedding mindset with a beautiful laced look.

 6. Denimaks2302Denim on denim, need I say more?

7. Print on Printaks4567For many years, I though that ‘print on print’ is a major fashion error and a big “No No”, but recently I have discovered the beauty of it. A ‘print on print’ outfit can actually look totally fabulous. However , the wrong combination can make you look like a fashion fool. So if you are going with this TREND, take one more look in the mirror before you leave your house to make sure that you got it right!

8. It´s all about the detailsaks7984Sometimes, fashion can be a bit too serious. If you are going for a “I´m-a-fashion- girl- but- I´m- also- very -fun” look, amusing and quirky accessories and details is a must.

 9. Show Your (Upper!)- Bellymbfw-almaty-street-style-fall-2014-1Personally, I´m not fond of showing my belly in public places, the reason is simple; it´s just not classy and not suitable for anyone over 20 years old! BUT, showing you upper belly is a thumbs up and frankly looks very chic.

10.  Fringy Fringeaks0369Fringe was a such a hit during the latest fashion month with so many fashionistas rocking it! And fringe on anything is a trend right now; shoes, handbags, tops, skirts, jewellery etc. Fringe just can´t go wrong!

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