During the recent fashion weeks, I have noticed that a lot of fashionistas are using their jackets as a cape, and it looks amazing. Looking through different streetstyle pics from the recent fashion weeks, women are skipping the sleeves of their jacket and letting the jacket drape on their shoulders. But notice that this trend can be a bit risky and in some cases not practical. Why? Well, it´s a challenge to made sure that the jacket stays on your shoulders. Any minute,  you can drop the jacket on the ground.But don´it worry, here is some tips on how you can pull this trend of.

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Shoulder Span: To make sure that the jacket stays on you shoulder, buy a jacket with a wide and well structured shoulder span. The shoulder span will make the jacket easier to stay on you shoulder.

Clutch it: if you want to pull this trend of, leave your tote bag at home and instead, bring your clutch. Remember that you´re not wearing the sleeves of your jacket, the strap of the tote bag will become a huge problem. For this trend, the accessories becomes very important!

Proportions: When wearing jacket as a cape, it can overwhelm your shape. To avoid this, wear a slim fitted style on the bottom and it will give you a clean line and proportion. The second layer (underneath the jacket) should be thick to avoid being cold, nobody looks cool when they´re cold.

So now, you have all the tolls and knowledge to pull this trend of ;)



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