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As long as I can remember, I have associated the colour pink with my childhood memories – especially as one of my all-time favourite dresses was pink. This princess look a-like dress was a birthday gift from my Uncle at the age of 6 and I can clearly remember how excited I was when I wore the dress for the first time. Soon, it became to be one of those items I always wore for every special occasion until it outgrown me, and the heartache was indescribable. For a long time, I forced my mother from a store to another and tried my best to replace this pink dress. Unfortunately, I was disappointed every time and soon after, I gave up my search to fall in love with another similar dress. Still today, I can´t resist remembering the dress every time I see the colour pink. That dress was my first-ever fashion crush. It is interesting how colours (and scents) can trigger so many memories and emotions. Studies confirm that ways to trigger or enhance memory performance are via environmental information such as colours. Furthermore, colours are believed to be the most significant visual experience to humans. This is why colours play an important role in improving memory performance. Have you noticed why memory cards are colourful rather than non-coloured? This is simply because it helps us remember the cards better. Many of us are able to process and learning new information better when we highlight the most important parts, such a phrases and keywords, a tactic that I frequently used during my University years.

Colours can grasp our attention and even affect our decision-making; hence many marketers are using colours as an important element in influencing their audience. We simply get curious and interact more to colours compared to non-coloured information. Additionally, we associate colours to a certain type of emotion, for instance, the colour red is emotionally intense and is related with fire and blood. At the same time, red is associated with energy, danger and passion. The colour yellow stands for the sunshine and represents positive emotions such as joy and happiness. Have you noticed that the inspiration behind a certain runway collection is strongly associated with some specific colours? This is because to better illustrate the theme and inspiration of the collection. There are even some individuals that describe themselves, their personalities or other people with colours. Researchers indicate that the colour psychology is more important than we think as colours have a huge impact on our behaviours, feelings and even the choices we are making on the daily basis. Choosing your day-to-day outfit say a lot about your mental health. According to some researchers, colour psychology provides information about your physical, mental and emotional states, however, different people can understand one colour very differently – someone might believe black stands for passion while another person thinks it is associated with sadness and grief. Additionally, the colours you dislike also describe your weaknesses and vulnerabilities. During my teenage years, I used to hate orange until the recently when I realised that I have outgrown it. Orange represents joy and the sunshine and symbolises enthusiasm, fascination, creativity, determination and success. Does this indicate that I was less enthusiastic, creative or even unhappy as a teenager?

One thing is for sure, pink is the universal colour for little girls and represents nice, playful, romantic, charming and feminine and symbolize friendship, affection, harmony and approachability. I believe that I unconsciously felt like a princess wearing that pink dress and it felt like my prince charming never came when I outgrew it.

It is so interesting to know how colours, either consciously or unconsciously, has such a huge impact on us. Have you ever thought about what your favourite colour say about your personality?
Shirt and Cullotes: Zara (find similar here & here) | Gigi Pink Brogues: House of Spring 


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