Gigi Nude Brogues

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Recently, the colour grey (especially grey in lighter and warmer tones) has become one of my favourite colours in home decoration. I used to associate grey with something boring and tedious. For many of us, grey is usually identified with long and never ending dark winter days where the weather is miserable and in general awful-  hence the expression “grey winter days”. Everything you are longing for is to see the glint of the sun and slip into your cute summer dress (which feels so far away at that point). For those living in the Northern part of Europe will sympathise with me and understand the agony of a long winter. Lately I have noticed a wide range of shades of grey are being used in architecture, interior design, decoration magazines and blogs – not to mention Pinterest – the modern time inspiration guru! Grey is particularly being combined with white marble, light pink, woody textures or dark colours such as black, juniper and basil green. Additionally, various tones of grey are also being combined with each-other, providing a sophisticated and luxurious atmosphere. Even Vogue have chosen grey to be one of the interior design trends of 2017, if you would like to read more about how to decorate your home with grey click here.

Shooting for House of Spring 2017 Spring/Summer lookbook, including a grey atmosphere was an obvious choice, especially with House of Spring´s Gigi Nude Brogues. I styled this look with a stunning navy lace top to give it a more romantic feeling and a pair of light blue denim jeans to make the outfit a bit edgy and characteristic, aiming to capture the essence of Parisian lifestyle with a London sense of style.

Photo by Victoria Metaxas // Shoes: House of Spring // Lace blouse: similar here  // Jeans: Gina Tricot (old find similar


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