I try to visit the small seaside resort Brighton, located at the South coast of England, as often as I can. The fresh breeze from the ocean, the hippie and chill out atmosphere and quirky shops (and the most amazing second-hand shops) is extremely refreshing comparing to the cosmopolitan London. I´m especially very fond of the many local caffe places, offering the most delicious selection of pastries.

Even though the weather was not ideal (yes typical English weather, rain and windy) we managed to stroll around in the central of Brighton, have a long walk to the fish shop to buy our traditional lunch steak tuna with chips and skate, or at least trying to.

bild-2brighton4brigton9BRIGHTON7Brightonbrighton8brighton2brighton selfiebrighton6Photo by Alex Pearson and Paria Pirzadeh| Jeans: JC | Sweater & Scarf: Zara | Handbag: Kate Spade New York


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