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Have you ever had a dream of designing you own shoes with your special signature? Well now you can.

With the help of the website Milk and Honey you can create and design shoes. The sisters Ilissa and Dori are the heads of Milk and Honey. They weren’t satisfied with the selection of shoes that was available in the stores so they decided to create a website where women can design their own shoes. Great idea!

The website is super easy and the design process is in two simple steps. The first step in the design process starts with the shoe-builder page . Here you can select different type of shoe: pumps, flats, sandals, wedges or booties. The second step is to adjust toe shape (round, pointy, peep, etc.), heel backs, ankle straps and (mercifully) heel height. Here you can also add embellishments like bows, piping and platform. You can choose colors,fabrics and much more. That basically it!

Under Inspiration you can find amazing shoes. I really liked the shoes with a big bow. Here is some of my favorites:




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