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Greece is a world famous holiday destination known for its warm weather, breath-taking landscape, ancient history, delicious cuisine and stunning architecture- I have heard remarkable things about Greece but until recently I was never lucky enough to receive the opportunity to visit myself, that was until mid-spring when I was surprised with an invite to visit the Island Corfu and simply couldn’t resist. I was very excited to see if the country´s reputation was as excellent as I had heard or perhaps romanticised by tales from friends visiting Greece during the hot summer months. I was wondering if I shall see some remains of the Ancient Greeks, I couldn’t help but wonder; will I fall in love with Greece like everyone else?

Leaving London during the early afternoon where the typically characteristic weather was rather dull, rainy and somewhat miserable, Corfu was in stark contrast. Stepping off the plane and being welcomed with 25-degree sunshine and humidity only a Northern European could appreciate. The villa we were staying during the visit was located on a hill and all the bedrooms had a picturesque view over the Ionian Sea between Greece and Albania. After a short walking distance along a pathway full of olive trees with wild flowers and herbs growing freely everywhere, filling the air with a sweet earthy fragrance, we found ourselves a secluded little paradise, which became our private beach during our time in Corfu. Just a short walk along the coast, we discovered a small bay which was teeming with traditional Greek restaurants which soon become our dinner spot for the evening where we watched the sun set while enjoying a mouth-watering feast that included, but not limited to locally produced feta cheese and glasses of sparkling rose wine. The relaxing and peaceful atmosphere was detoxing and the welcoming hospitality of the local people can make your holiday memorable and extraordinary. If you’re planning to visit Corfu, I highly recommend hiring a boat for a day as it is an easier transportation method to other nearby hotspots surrounding the island- you will get the best opportunity possible to see the most of this absolutely magnificent island. My overall impression of Corfu was enchanting and I was stunned by the natural beauty of the scenery and the quality of life there – Greece is a splendid getaway during the early spring or late autumn as I have heard it can get quite crowded during the summer time as it´s the high season for tourism. If like me, you are not prone to hotel complexes, then to make the most of your experience there are plenty of charming villas to rent with its own garden, swimming pool and gorgeous view, you’ll feel truly at peace in Greece.


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