So my time in Colombia has come to an end and tomorrow we leave for Sweden.
The last few weeks in Colombia, I have been at the country side, near the town Garzon and I compare my time in Garzon as a rehab. Why you may think and the reasons is me being far away from the civilisation, Internet and people that can speak English. But I must say that the countryside (or as I called it, the jungle, it was actually only 5km from the nearest town) and the house I lived in was truly magical and relaxing. The villa had a huge garden with beautiful exotic flowers in all different colours, shape and trees with fruits ready to be picked! From the beginning it felt really good to be near the nature (which I’m not used) and when I wasn’t working, I was hanging by the pool sunbathing, reading novels or walking in the small river just by the villa.

But even the paradise feels ordinary after some time and I must admit, after about a week, I was seriously start to freak out. The city girl inside me couldn’t enjoy the magical nature anymore and all I could think about was to be in the city. The jungle felt like a prison and the key to my freedom was to be charming and sweet talk to someone at the villa so they could drive me to Garzon. Anyways It felt amazing after being trapped in a 10 hours bumpy ride ( I honestly nearly fell off my chair a few times) to Bogota, Colombia’s capital city. Today me and Caroline (my co-worker) hired a taximan who drove us around Bogota and finally we were able to ” Do Bogota”. We visited some historical places like Candelaria. We also enjoyed strolling around at Fernando Botero museum (I think that was the name of the museum) and afterwards, we went shopping! Here is some pics of today activities. Bye for now ;)



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