We have finally arrived in the lovely seaside resort Pescara. Pescara is the capital of  the Abruzzo region of Italy. Our arrivel was kind of dramatic, here is the Pescara story:

We first took the bus from Rome to the central of Pescara and the plan was to take the easiest way to the hotel, which was also by bus. Unfortunately we were a bit confused because we got different information on how and which bus that will take us to the hotel. Some people told us one direction while others told us the other direction and always different bus numbers. Finally we decide to get on a bus we were recommended, number 3, and Karl went to the bus driver to double-check if we are on the right direction. Of course it was the wrong bus and the bus driver informed us that the bus we are looking for will stop at the next bus-stop, so we went off the bus. After waiting a while at the bus-stop, we decided to stop being such adventurers and take a taxi instead. Soon we discovered that my laptop bag was gone and of course we panicked. We thought we forgot the bag on the bus and told the taxi driver to hunt down the bus nr 3 instead of the initial instructions; to go to the hotel. However, the taxi driver had other intentions and wanted as soon as possible to drop us of at the hotel. I don’t know if he didn’t understand us or thought we were being over dramatic (it is only my beloved Mac with a ton of pics, documents etc).


Long story short, we forgot my laptop bag at one of the bus-stops in the Central of Pescara and it was on the same spot we left it at. We were soo happy and released that we founded my laptop. Afterwards we arrived at the hotel and slept for several hours…

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