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I’m delighted to announce that denim skirt is once again back in the fashion scene and chances are likely that you already have a denim skirt somewhere deep down in your closet. The one I´m wearing in the pictures was bought a few years ago from I can even remember my first denim skirt I got back in the 90´s during my adolescence, I felt super cool wearing my unnecessarily short skirt with a Fred Perry polo – I am pleased that I have outgrown both of the pieces and you will not witness this awful look on me ever again (well let’s be hopeful).

Across social media, you can spot all kinds of influencers, fashion editors, and other fashion personnel rocking the denim skirt in various lengths and colors, and the styling is outstanding. Some have chosen a more relaxed look and styled their denim skirt with a plain T-shirt and a pair of sneakers. This look will make you feel comfortable all day long while looking absolutely stunning. If you are going with the “chic and playful” look, why not pair the denim skirt with a striped top and low-heeled shoes? Alternatively, if you are having evening plans and do not have the time to go back home and change – you can always grab a statement necklace or a pair of high heels with you in a bag to change at work before attending your evening plans.

As you have noticed by now- they are so many ways to wear the denim skirt so if you haven´t got one hidden deep down in your closet, get one now! I just purchased this black denim skirt at H&M on sale – hurry up and buy one before the sale finishes.

Photo by  Victoria | Denim Skirt: (old find similar here)  | Shirt : Soot & Ty (old find similir here)  | Shoes: House of Spring


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