Silver shoes

I truly love my silver boots I bought from Zara during January this year and if you follow me on Instagram @tarasamvi, then you might have noticed that I wear my silver boots quite frequently. The funny thing about my silver boots is that I never though I will wear them…

Gigi Nude Brogues

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Recently, the colour grey (especially grey in lighter and warmer tones) has become one of my favourite colours in home decoration. I used to associate grey with something boring and tedious. For many of us, grey is usually identified with long and never ending dark winter days…


The project “Fashion in Leaf” is inspired by leaf and fashion. “I was wondering does fashion can be part of leaf art as I’m interested in fashion. The most challlenging in this project was how to apply leaf to dress! However, I tried to find some more special leaf this time to make the…


SOURCE: These amazing pics is taken by the fab fashion photographer Katya Tsyganova from Russia. Besides her occupation as a fashion photographer,  Tsyganova also works with music videos and as a fashion film director in USA and Europe. During 2013 Tsyganova won several awards for her work; EOTM awards for outstanding video and Fashion TV photographers…


Think of Nirvana and Pearl Jam in the early 1990´s, and there you have the original grunge look. Everything began in Seattle where rock band got inspired from different kind of music genre, for instance hardcore punk, heavy metal and indie rock and the grunge music was soon born. These…


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