The first shopping day in Milan started in 10 Corso Como, a hyper cool store which contains designer clothes, music, art, photography etc. You can find very cool and fashionables cloths, bags, shoes, jewelry and much more from different designers at 10 Corso Como. I was not allowed to take any pics from the inside of the store but trust my words, the inside was very magical and now its sales time.  We also visited the outlet, which by the way is very easy to miss  because there are no signs. I have taken a pic from the outside of the outlet to show you how difficult it is to find the entrance. 10 Corso Como is a MUST if you are in Milan. And don’t miss 10 Corso Como´s restaurant that is very busy during summer nights.

After a being at 10 Corso Como outlet, we walked to China Town and had a quick bite to eat and headed to the shops. I was in trans when I entered the jewelry shops in China Town. Here you can find amazing and very cheap jewelries and accessorize. Karl and I went bananas and got 6 pair of sunglasses for only €10. I didn’t buy any jewelries but I´m definitely gonna do it before leaving Milan. And don’t miss the tasty and also cheap restaurants (a meal costs around €4) in China Town, but the staff can’t speak any english so it’s a little bit of gamble what food to order, we excitedly ordered a meal that we thought was chicken file, but it was chicken skin!!

After China town, we went to ilsalvagente, a two floor outlet and here you can find branded clothes, bags, shoes, belts etc at a very reasonable price. Now there is a sale so if you are in Milan, DONT MISS ILSALVAGENTE!

Have to rush now, new adventures are waiting for me!! See you!!

 10 Corso Como

10 Corso Como Outlet

China Town

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