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Portobello Road and the Nothing Hill area is the bloggers favourite spot due to it´s gorgeous pastel coloured houses and charming atmosphere. There is an ocean of picturesque Victorian houses with mosaic porches and colourful massive front doors only a blogger can truly cherish and appreciate. Bloggers from all around the world make sure they stop by this sought- after area when visiting London to capture that perfect picture. Furthermore, Nothing Hill is also a great spot for “celebrity watching” as it’s the home of many celebrities– once I was waiting at a coffee shop on Portobello Road waiting for my meeting when I suddenly spotted Michelle Fairley (Catelyn Stark) from Games of Thrones walking by. One of my friends swore she saw Judd Law in Nothing Hill strolling around while enjoying take-away coffee but I obviously refused to believe her due to my jealousy. As plenty of fashionista and influencers in the fashion industry either lives in the Nothing Hill neighbourhood or simply enjoys spending time there,  “people watching” is an amusing activity to do in Nothing Hill. You can get inspired by the residence´s trendy, glamorous and runway influenced outfits by just sitting outside one of the areas many restaurants and lavish pubs. Doing this gives you a glimpse of London´s hottest trends and is almost better than spotting fashionista´s at London Fashion Week. Top: Zara (find similar here) | Jeans: Reply  | Shoes: House of Spring


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