20130626-140509.jpgOnce upon a time, there was a blogger, Geneva who had a DIY blog called a pair & a spare. She had magic fingers and a was blessed with a special gift. She was able to, with some few tricks, turn the ugliest item to a beautiful one. She had an eye for details and was able to see beauty in everything around her. Her inspiration came from people, different collections and other beautiful items around her. One of Geneva’s recent DIY tutorial is inspired from Chloe scalloped bikini and decided to remake an old bikini. Here is the result, don’t you just love it!

20130626-141242.jpg • A triangle bikini set
• Matching polyester Rik Rack (curly trim) 1cm/half inch wide or more. If you can find it with some stretch opt for that version, if not that’s ok. Mine had a little bit of stretch but not much. Make sure to get polyester so it doesn’t shrink in the water.
• Pins
• Scissors
• Needle and matching thread

20130626-142117.jpg1. Measure the rik rak to your bikini size. In addition to doing this on the floor. Put the bikini on and measured it that way. Notice that too much stretch can lead to puckering.

20130626-142521.jpg2. Cut the rik rack to suit – add a few more inches for each end. When trimming the rik rack, make sure to singe the ends with a lighter (carefully run the flame back and forth over the ends) or they will fray like crazy.


3. Now pin the rick rack to the underside edge around the bikini. What you want is the scalloped part to show without showing any hole.

20130626-143204.jpg4. Pin the top and the bottom. You can choose to put the trim where ever you want – You will notice when you take it off the rik rack seems to be too big, but that’s just the lycra of the bikini stretching back.

20130626-143442.jpg5. Using your needle and thread sew the trim to the underside. Instead of sewing really tight. Do a stitch every two inches or so, allowing some slack in the thread to allow for the stretch of the bikini.


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