Follow my blog with Bloglovin Often, I get the question how do I style my looks? Which kind of tactics I use and more importantly where do I find my clothes? The truth is that I am a huge fan of bargains and love to buy my clothes at a discounted price. I love to come home with bags of amazing clothes I have found on sale, who wants to pay more for less? I also tend to get drawn into second-hand stores and markets to see which of treasures I can find, I believe that vintage items have a charisma that is hard to find among new products. It feels like every item has a story that will continue throughout my life.Bargains from the High- Street brands are another favourite place I find new clothes to add to my wardrobe. However, finding the right products requires a bit of planning – the secret is to getting familiar with and having a basic knowledge about upcoming trends and season must-haves. Reading fashion magazines, blogs and being updated on different social media channels such as Pinterest and Instagram is a great way to stay ahead of trends. More importantly, these visual platforms allow you to get inspired by other individuals, something that you can easily use when choosing your day- to- day look.  According to WGSN and its fashion trend forecast, the following has been recognised to be on trend for Spring/Summer 2018;

  • Colours; Bold red, lilac, wine red and neon
  • Textile; soft glitter, lace and sheer
  • Details; bows, one shoulder tops, dresses and ruching and drawstring
  • Patterns; tie dye, tropical, bold colour blocking, florals, slogans and sartorial checks
  • Accessories: Exotic, DIY customisation, office appropriate accessories, beachcomber and flowers.

When I’m on my shopping route or simply choosing my every day look each morning, I have the following in the back of my head and picking items accordingly. One element I have always been particular about is detailing in a product; one top can differentiate itself so much from another similar top just with a small detail. This can be a different stitching, a bow or an interesting pattern – all of these elements is what that makes an outfit look outstanding. Another way to create fashionable looks is by using accessories such as a pair of earrings, sunglasses, a hat or even a scarf; these can simply transfer an entire outfit. An easy and quick trick is using a colourful scarf; I use this trick a lot in order to give my outfit a sense of my personality, especially if I am wearing a basic top or one coloured clothing. A colourful necklace, earrings, bold coloured shoes or a handbag is a great tactic to brighten your outfit, especially if you are more used to wearing darker clothes. I have discovered an amazing fashion blogger called, The Fashion Cuisine and she is brilliant in finding those small details that makes an outfit unforgettable. The founder of the blog, Beatrice Gutu, has an excellent personal style with an eye for details. Like me, Beatrice combines vintage with High- Street and luxury brands to create her own unique style. Lately, she has become to be my source for inspiration and I look through her blog or Instagram account when choosing my outfits. So next time when you are going to do some shopping, do some research and be prepared for items that might be trendy in the upcoming seasons. Look into various social media channels and find some looks you like and let them inspire you. Take your time and find vintage treasures and remember, detailing such as accessories makes a huge difference and can totally transfer your style. Photo by: Christos Markou | Velvet wrap dress: Topshop (sold out, find similar here )| Bag : Valentino, preloved from Bagista | Scarf: Zara (old find similar here)  | Shoes : found at a market in Copenhagen (similar here)


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