Romulus & Remus = ROME

Flavian Amphitheater Today we visited the Flavian Amphitheater, or the Colosseum as it is normally called.  The building is very beautiful and it was a wonderful felling to be in such a historical place. We didn’t know much about the history behind  the Colosseum so we decided to going a guided…


ROME DAY 1 I have had an amazing first day here in Rome. The weather is very summery and hot (sometimes too hot) and the hotel is very central and fresh. We got here during afternoon and have since only been doing touristy things. Here is some pics from today! Plazza…


VACATION  I´m really looking forward for a well needed and deserved trip to Italy. For approx. 18 days my boyfriend and I will travel and our journey begins in Rome, then some sunbath in Pescara before we finish our vacation in one of the world´s fashion capitals Milan. At first, I wanted…


“Everything I buy is vintage and smells funny. Maybe that’s why I don’t have a boyfriend” ~Lucy Liu My monday started with meeting up Isabella and she wanted to show my her favorite vintage and second hand stores in Stockholm. The first store on the schedule  was Filippa K Second Hand at…

I´m too optimistic

Let´s skip summer For a moment I forgot that I´m just going to Stockholm. When packing I guess I was day dreaming that I’m going to travel to a warm and tropical town so I packed basically only summer cloths . For the moment the weather is 6 degrees and raining…


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