PESCARA We have finally arrived in the lovely seaside resort Pescara. Pescara is the capital of  the Abruzzo region of Italy. Our arrivel was kind of dramatic, here is the Pescara story: We first took the bus from Rome to the central of Pescara and the plan was to take the easiest way to the…

Market in Rome

Via Sannio Market I´m a huge big fan of markets and there are lots of them in Rome. Usually the markets in Rome are open during sundays but Via Sannio Market is open weekdays 8-2 and Saturday 8-5.  Via Sannio Market, often called the American Market, is famous for its cheep vintage…


SHOPPING- ROME DAY3 The plans for yesterday was hunting vintage boutiques in central of Rome. We started searching for vintage stores and markets at the internet and we found that the area around Piazza Navona was home for some vintage boutiques. Here are three stores who has really unique and cool stuff.…

Vintage in Rome

Vintage Shopping in Rome The plan for today was to visit the Vatican City but we both are very tired so we decided to go there tomorrow instead. Today we are going to visit some vintage boutiques we found on google. I wish to find really nice dresses and/or jewelries!…


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