7 things I wish I’d known about skincare in my 20’s

The older I get, the more I realised that I need to take care of my skin better and really understand which skincare product is most suitable for me. After all, the skin is our biggest organ (thank you lockdown pub quiz) and it protects us against all types of…
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Gift Guide: 7 UK Based Brands to Support This Christmas

Before we know it – it is the time of the year where we can watch cheesy romantic comedy movies all day long *without any judgment*. I mean, it is not really Christmas for me if I haven’t watch Bridges Jones Diary, Love Actually and Elf at least a couple…
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5 Tips of How-to PR Yourself as A Blogger from a PR Specialist

As a blogger and social media manager, I work in an ever-changing industry and always championing and interesting to know how successful individuals got where they are in their careers. For this blog post, I reached out to Fay Holmes, a PR and Influencer Specialist and co-founder of the London…
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Skincare ingredients that should never be mixed together

Whether you are a beginner in the skincare game or already skincare obsessed – it is important to know which products go great together while others not so much. When I just started searching the internet to gain more knowledge about skincare and its ingredients, I quickly noticed that some…
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7 Sustainable beauty items to add to your beauty routine right now

The word “sustainability” has been the hottest topic and on everyone’s lips during recent years, particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic. Whether we want to acknowledge it or not, many studies show that climate change is our biggest threat and we as humans need to change our lifestyles. One contributing factor…
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